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SNC Lavalin.

Location:  Calgary

Project Completed: 2012

Services:  Interior Design, LEED, Corporate Engagement Studies, Space Planning, Construction & Tender Documents, Contract Administration, and Furniture Specification & Tender

Overview: As the Prime Consultant, we led a full consultant team for this six floor, 100,000 ft2 interior redesign. This LEED Certified project involved transitioning over 650 staff members from three separate facilities into one innovative space. All of this happened under strict budget guidelines, as well as a tight schedule for completion due to expiring leases.

“The team is professional and efficient in their approach to work and very well-liked by the executive clients. They are a well-presented group and have proven to be a most reliable and effective member of the project delivery team.”

– Brad Boser

General Manager, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

“Your commitment to our project and the extremely short time frame is most sincerely appreciated.”

– Janet Anaka

Facilities Manager, SNC Lavalin T&D