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    Intact Insurance Service Centre
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    Intact Insurance Service Centre

Intact Insurance.

Locations:  Calgary, Alberta

Client Since: 2013

Services:  Architecture, Interior Design, Space Planning, Program Standards, Construction & Tender Documents, Contract Administration, and Furniture Specification & Tender

Overview: Our team worked to develop a Design Standard for Intact Insurance’s Service Centre, creating a baseline for future projects to reflect their new branding. Furniture procurement and interiors re-branding helped to make Intact Insurance a recognizable leader in the Automotive and Home Services industry. A design-bid-build project enabled our team to engage and recognize the key features required for the Intact team to deliver customized and personable services. With 15,510 square feet of space that utilized bold, vivid colour with emphasis on branding, the goal was to create a customer area that was reminiscent of a retail environment rather than that of an office. The Design Development phase provided the opportunity for the Consultant Team to work with the Intact Insurance Marketing Department to develop a strong design that built on the standards of Intact Insurance.

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